Social Media

WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter: In the era of Social Media, one outstanding story can reach an audience of millions. We navigate the international Social Media accounts of world leading companies, communicating to industry leaders, customers, influencers and journalists.

WeChat (微信), China’s dominating social network, continues to grow rapidly and breaks one MAU (monthly active user) record after another. And there are many other important channels in China’s unique Social Media ecosystem: the micro blog Sina Weibo (新浪微博), Little Red Book (小红书), Douyin (抖音) or the Q&A platform Zhihu (知乎). Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have conquered the world.

Social Media has changed not only our media landscape, but also the way in which companies communicate and consumers, decision makers and influencers receive their information. Professional Social Media management has become indispensable, and it will remain essential for every promising communication strategy in the future.

We advise our clients on how to use the online communication tools and implement Social Media strategies. We create content, design KOL campaigns and maximize user engagement. A strong micro blog and Social Media presence enables you to directly reach potential customers and partners, decision makers of your industry, journalists, bloggers, multipliers or potential employees.

What we do

  • Social Media strategy
  • Management and development of a strong Social Media presence
  • Content creation
  • Design and management of KOL campaigns
  • Actively liaising with your target groups
  • Driving engagement and reach
  • Evaluation of Social Media activities

Learn more

  • We have experience in managing the WeChat (微信) accounts of world leading companies, from strategy and day-to-day operations all the way to content creation and engagement campaigns. Get in touch to learn more.
  • We have designed and implemented successful KOL campaigns for consumer brands in various sectors, reaching an audience of millions.
  • We support international sports events with Social Media work. Check out the Facebook page of the charity ultramarathon Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset!
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